Technology Trends

Five key technology trends

Accenture Technology Vision highlights five emerging technology trends shaping the new digital landscape.
Technology is an integral part of an organization and its strategy, but these trends reflect the fact that it is people who underpin success in a world that continues to reinvent itself at an unprecedented speed. Tomorrow’s leaders are taking these trends on board and executing strategies to secure a clear digital advantage.

1. The Internet of me: Through the personalization of apps and services, the third wave of the Internet is placing
users at the center of every digital experience.
2. Outcome economy: As sensors and connectivity become ubiquitous in a growing number of environments,
enterprises have an increasing ability to measure the outcomes of the services they deliver. Business models that
sell results appeal to customers far more than those that just sell products.
3. The Platform (r)evolution: Rapid advances in cloud and mobile connectivity are dismantling the technological
barriers and reducing the costs associated with establishing global platforms. These platforms offer huge potential
for innovation and the delivery of next-generation services. In fact, as research by the MIT Sloan School of
Management shows, 14 out of the top 30 brands by market capitalization in 2013 were platform-oriented
4. The intelligent enterprise: Advances in data science, cognitive technology and processing power have
combined to open up the possibility of ‘intelligent enterprises’, built around smart machines and software
intelligence. By turning big data into smart data, firms can achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and
5. Workforce reimagined: The digital economy is creating ever-greater demand for machines and humans to work
together effectively. Advances in wearable devices, natural interfaces and smart machines are opening up new
opportunities to empower human talent through technology.

Source: Accenture Technology Vision 2015